Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days


”I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in 2005, …”

  • it took eight hours to fly from Guatemala to Paris (Jérôme, Frankrike)
  • people still didn’t have BVD’s (Oded, Israel) (no further explanation given…)
  • there was no cold fusion (Basse, Finland)
  • not everyone had Internet at home (Minna-Maria, Finland)
  • people thought there would never be a manned trip to Mars (Petter, teacher, Finland) blogged
  • things like life vests and kids’ car seats were so simple and undeveloped (Karin, Finland)
  • there were books in paper form (Anna, Finland)
  • we didn’t have wireless electricity (Mia, teacher, Finland)
  • telepathy couldn’t be used for communicating with people around the world (Anouchka, Belgium)
  • there were so many A4’s (Maarit, Finland)
  • people had so many different gadgets (digital cameras, mp3-players) Laurel, libertine, Utah)
  • there was only one metro line in Helsinki (Katariina, Finland)
  • most people used phones, not computers, for making calls (Anni, old-fashioned, Finland)
  • we thought machines couldn’t be creative (Mika, MA, Finland)
  • you had to pay for telephone calls (Mikko, Finland)
  • you had to eat yourself, using knives and forks (Linda, Finland)
  • a person was needed to drive a car (Mary, student of Economy, Austria)
  • you had to use satellites to investigate the moon (Ana, artist, Mexico)
  • people used mobile phones (Toffe, Finland)
  • only 40% of Finnish homes had a broad band connection (Olle, sailor, Finland)
  • the Internet and e-mails still worked (Tove, wedding singer, Finland)
  • we still had computers (Jåel, 15, Finland)
  • we used video cassettes (Kaija, 15, Finland)
  • chalk boards were used in schools (Kaija, 15, Finland)
  • we couldn’t get teleported (Jenny, feminist, Finland)
  • TV’s looked like big boxes and we had things like overhead machines and batteries (Max, musician, Finland)
  • there were people who used paper calendars (Kim, teacher, Åland)
  • people sat in traffic (Tafari, England)
  • people had to remember passwords, carry credit cards and passports (Cathy, England)


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