Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days


”I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in 2005, …”

  • kids were placed at day-care for such long days (Lena, Finland)
  • people ate so much sugar (Christer, sociologist, Norway)
  • some pharmacists refused to sell ”day-after-pills” even though clients had prescriptions (Becky, USA)
  • people drove cars (Benny, USA)
  • there were people who stayed in one place all their life without moving around/travelling (Geneviève, Canada)
  • prices were so low (Tina, USA)
  • there were so much shit in my country (Armando, Guatemala)
  • so many kids in Africa died each day because of hunger (Ton, Spain)
  • there was cash (Petter, Finland)
  • you were left alone without anyone watching your back (Mikko, Finland)
  • people had unprotected sex (Johanna, Finland)
  • water was so cheap (Kathrin, Germany)
  • you could drive a boat without a license and with up to 1 promille of alcohol (Markus, skipper, Finland)
  • people bought paper tickets at the train station (Pamela, Finland)
  • Finland helped so few refugees (Piamaria, Finland)
  • so many people drove one and one in their cars (Niki, Finland)
  • it could be cheaper to travel by plane than by boat (Petter, teacher, Finland)
  • people threw away food that was still eatable (Lena, pensioner, Finland)
  • you could still teach your kids to drive without any further education (Jennie, Sweden)
  • the state paid for taking care of patients with medical problems caused by unhealthy life style, like smoking or obesity (Kristina, Espoo, Finland)
  • most people still worked 8 hour days (Kaisa, Master of Social Sciences, Finland)
  • almost 90 % of Finns were members of the Evangelic-Lutheran church (Kaisa, Master of Social Sciences, Finland)
  • there were places on Earth untouched by humans (Janina, refugee hider, Finland)
  • there were such great cultural distinctions between different countries (Ia, happy, Åland)
  • kids walked to school (Virva, ecological farmer, Finland)
  • we lived the golden age of capitalism (Mika, MA, Finland)
  • we only had our first female president (Samuli, researcher, Finland)
  • there were double as many people as there are today (Joni, Finland)
  • people had the right to own cars (Carlos, Mexico)
  • people tried to be liberal (Staffan, king substitute, Finland)
  • the US executed kids (Scott, USA)
  • the whole Western world was terrified of terrorist attacks by Muslims (Tove, wedding singer, Finland)
  • you could buy gasoline for only 1,40/liter (Olle, sailor, Finland)
  • there were innocent people in jails (Jolanda, 15, Finland)
  • there was human trafficking (Ravna, 16, Finland)
  • it was still legal to buy and sell sex (Maj, 15, Finland)
  • people used public transport (Sophie, 15, Finland)
  • there was a profession called ticket seller (Anna, Finland)
  • I wasn’t allowed to wear my hat in the bar (Erik, Finland)
  • we had the liberty of choosing our own career (Max, Finland)
  • people ate non-fabricated foods (Liz, USA)
  • there were so few immigrants in Europe (“T.J.Johnson”, Romania)
  • you could drink alcohol without being taken into custody (Anton, Finland)
  • you could go home with somebody without being security-checked (Kim, Finland)
  • people had certain civil liberties and took them for granted (Dudu, Gambia)
  • there were so many traditional families (Volker, Germany)
  • some people traveled to other continents in their holidays (Volker, Germany)
  • people sometimes forgot to lock their holiday homes (Lasse, Finland)
  • Westerners considered travelling and flying around a human right (Sara, blogger, Finland)
  • people thought the AIDS epidemic in Africa was impossible to stop (Sara, blogger, Finland)
  • people couldn’t be moral/ethical by themselves without needing ”laws” (Ida, freedom blogger, Sweden)
  • people thougt they thought for themselves despite being affected by media and religion (Ida, freedom blogger, Sweden)
  • you could go bicycling without a helmet (Sandra, Finland)
  • travelling was so easy (Sanni, teacher, Finland)
  • the sky was filled with airplanes (Martti, photographer, Finland)
  • there was public welfare service (Martti, photographer, Finland)


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