Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days

Natural resources and the environment

”I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in 2005, …”

  • there was so much animal cruelty (like fox hunting) (Steven, UK)
  • you could walk the streets without a face mask (Laurent, Belgium)
  • there was no universal recycling plan (Cat, USA)
  • people weren’t forced to recycle (Evi, Finland)
  • people used fossil fuels in engines (Pete, USA; Johan, Finland)
  • people ate meat (Pete, USA)
  • there were coral reefs (Kelsey, diving instructor, USA)
  • you could sunbathe (Maj, Finland)
  • there was pure water (Fredde, Finland) blogged
  • there were still so many people living on Pörtö (island in the Finnish archipelago) (Stefan, Finland)
  • you could swim in the Baltic sea (Erik, Finland)
  • there was oil (Meri, Finland)
  • there were two coal plants in Helsinki (Scott, USAFinland)
  • there was permanent ice on Antarctica (Niki, Finland)
  • there were tigers, pandas and elks (Petter, teacher, Finland)
  • there was a country called Bangladesh (Laurel, libertine, Utah)
  • people cared about the ozone layer (Camilla, on her wedding, Finland)
  • I could pick berries in the forest (Virva, ecological farmer, Finland)
  • there was no snow in Australia (Seppo, leader, Finland)
  • Helsinki was located so far south (Mimmi, bride-to-be, Finland)
  • there was rainforest on Earth (Willem, 15, Finland)
  • people used nuclear power (Kaija, 15, Finland)
  • people used disposable plates (Max, Finland)
  • you could throw litter on the ground without being fined (Jessica, 13, Finland)
  • there were still wild trees (Otto, 14, Finland)
  • you could still see the sun (Max, musician, Finland) blogged
  • it was still kind of warm during the summer in Finland (Jalmar, 13, Finland)
  • people had animals in cages, like slaves (Nora, 14, Finland)
  • I could walk on green grass (Matias, Finland)
  • you could ski in the Alps (Volker, Germany)


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