Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days

Entertainment and fashion

”I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in 2005, …”

  • people watched TV and liked it (Nina, Finland)
  • people were admired even though they never really accomplished anything (like film stars) (Jaana, Finland)
  • some people had so many tattoos and piercings (Alicia, USA)
  • people were free to download music and films through the internet (Rafael, Belgium)
  • I had CD’s (Jani, Finland)
  • reality shows, where “grown-ups” could behave the way they wanted, were so popular (Nina, Sweden)
  • people went home to watch a certain TV program (Baba, Finland)
  • men and women wore different clothes (Mårten, Finland)
  • people used make up (Cristian, artesan, Chile)
  • you could curse on TV (Oliver, 15, Finland)
  • only a minority of people in rich countries had had plastic surgery (Anna, Finland)
  • people played video games outside their own heads (NN, USA)
  • there were people who actually liked Tom Cruise (NN, USA)
  • people rented movies (NN, USA)
  • riding a car with loud music was considered ”in” (Denis, researcher, Siberia)
  • we had to buy music (Kim, teacher, Åland)


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