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Water wars and some satire

Posted by Pia på lördag 12 april 2008

In the year 2055, Fredde thinks he will say: Can’t believe that 50 years ago, in 2005, there was pure water. Certainly we won’t have to wait 50 years before water becomes the new oil, politically and economically speaking. The New Scientist reports today: ”As Barcelona runs out of water, Spain has been forced to consider importing water from France by boat. It is the latest example of the growing struggle for water around the world – the ”water wars”.

The difference between oil and water is that all people need one of them to live, not the other. I remember being told that the cost of granting pure water to all the world’s poor would cost as much as the Europeans spend on ice cream one average summer. How can it be so hard to take these issues seriously? As a comparison, imagine how much political energy is used to ensure that petrol is distributed to all the engines of the world. The cars have rights that people don’t have.

The tip of the day is for Finnish-speakers, satirical Lehti is Finland’s best equivalent to The Onion. Today the issue is what to do with the beggars in Helsinki, (right-wing politician Ben Zyskowicz has actually proposed banning begging, as this would ”send the beggars a clear message”) Lehti suggests an old method tested in the 20th century, proposed by the ”architecht bureau Himmler, Heydrich & Eichmann” called the final solution. The opposers of this are said to be ”liberal and mainly gay”.


5 svar to “Water wars and some satire”

  1. Pastey said

    Den där artikeln från New Scientist var ju väldigt intressant och skrämmande. Klimathotet står verkligen på tröskeln till Europa och kommer att börja drabba oss fortare och hårdare än vi tror är jag rädd.

  2. pia said

    Jo faktiskt! Och de påpekar ju också vilken roll vatten har i Israel-Palestina-konflikten. Det kunde man skriva hur mycket som helst om!

  3. Roberth Ström said

    Synd att invandrare är överrepresenterade då!!! läs på innan du pratar!

  4. Roberth Ström said

    Det finns inget klimathot suck vilka dårar det finns

  5. pia said

    Öh. Just det.


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