Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days

Intentionally racist politics

Posted by Pia på torsdag 22 november 2007

In the year 2055, when Laura will be in her 70’s, she thinks she will say: I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in the year 2005, I was happy and knew nothing about all the injustice in this world. She might have to come to that conclusion a lot earlier.

Australia has some dirty political skeletons in the closet (if you don’t believe me, look up who Pauline Hanson is), and it seems they can get away with anything. Today I read about John Howard’s Liberal Party’s latest trick (via Mr Brown): spreading fake Islamist propaganda supporting their opponent, Labor. A leaflet thanking Labor for forgiving ”our Muslim brothers who have been unjustly sentenced to death for the Bali bombings”, complete with crescents over the Aussie flag, has been spread out by the husband of a parliamentarian with ties to Howard himself, who denies having known about it and ”dissociates himself” from it.

This is what I think is scary: these things don’t happen without the chiefs’ knowledge, just like the Abu Ghraib torturings were not some soldiers’ own little prank. When leaders of a party or an organisation claim to be the last to know about these things, there is either something seriously wrong in the situation or there’s been some tactical lying going on.

Before I leave this, have a look at the poster (pdf) and imagine what Muslims in the world go through today. If saying that your group supports a certain party means votes for the opponent, what are you worth?



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