Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days

War is peace

Posted by Pia på onsdag 17 oktober 2007

Alessandro thinks that in the year 2055, he will say: ”I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in 2005, there had only been two world wars”. For sure, he is not the only one who is worried we might have to say that. (In Chiapas, Mexico, in the summer of 2005, I met people who said we are already living the Fourth World War– neoliberalism – and I must say I do understand where they are coming from.)

Officially, there have only been two world wars- and many people want to keep it that way. It was last shown in March of 2003, when millions of people marched against the US invasion of Iraq. Now, the peace movement has a new spokesperson, George W. Bush. He is worried about World War III being started by Iran. Isn’t that great. Guess what Bush’s recipe for peace will be! Talk about irony.


Ett svar to “War is peace”

  1. pia said

    …and if you allow me to be precise: this man of peace is the one who declared: ”I’m a war president. I make decisions here in the Oval Office in foreign policy matters with war on my mind”



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