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-what the afterworld will be saying about these days

Future ancient things, and no sporting activists in sight

Posted by Pia på lördag 29 september 2007

In 2055, a musician named Max thinks we will talk about the beginning of the 21st century as the days when TVs looked like big boxes, and we had things like overhead projectors and batteries. I like all of my answers, but this belongs to my absolute favorites, because it makes me look around and think: What other things that I am using now will only be seen in museums in 2055? CDs for sure. SUVs, hopefully. Books? Game consoles? Viagra? Fast food? TV shop appliances like the thigh master? What do you think?

And, just one thing on the Burma issue. Why are there no politically aware and responsible athletes? It’s impossible for me to imagine the top sprinters, swimmers or footballers who everyone is waiting to see perform in Beijing next year, stand up and say that they won’t play/jump/run unless China does all it can to save the democratization process in Burma. Since rich countries around the world get all their cheap shopping done in China, I don’t see them speaking up. But the athletes and the teams could cause some headlines maybe.

2 svar to “Future ancient things, and no sporting activists in sight”

  1. Maja said

    Athletes depend on sponsors, don’t they? Big companies that do lots of business with countries like China, no?

    Speaking of stuff that will only be found in museums in 50 years, how long will it take before we have to update the symbol depicting a telephone because nobody knows what that thing with a handset and a rotary dial is?

  2. funderar said

    For sure. Can’t believe I didn’t even think about the sponsors. Aarrgh.

    And that’s a very good question! Maybe symbols are always a bit behind?


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