Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days

That building number seven

Posted by Pia på lördag 25 augusti 2007

When it comes to analyzing the beginning of the 21st century, which is the humble aim of this blog, through the around 200 endings to the phrase ”I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in the year 2005…”, there is one man who writes essays that make me want to say: ”That’s exactly how I would have wanted to say it!”. Robert Fisk. This time he talks about the actual happenings of 9/11 and the conspiracy theories. Well worth reading! I can’t think of another single happening in history that has changed so much in society worldwide.

On my table is Fisk’s phenomenal book The Great War for Civilisation-The Conquest of the Middle East, with a bookmark on page 761 of 1300. Will be back with some more on that later.



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