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Palestinian portrait #1

Posted by Pia på söndag 1 juli 2007

Were you ever under the impression that everything Palestinian women do, apart from staying at home and cooking, is shouting and crying in the street?

What you see on TV is all there is, right? Well, let me tell you about someone I got to know a couple of days ago, Dr Suha. She has African roots but was born and raised in Gaza. She was given the possibility to study in the Soviet Union and moved to what is now Azerbaijan in 1986, learned Russian, became a gynecologist and saw an empire crumble. Now she works touring village clinics in the West Bank, giving advice about family planning and dealing with difficult pregnancies. She detests all forms of violence and killing and was worried sick during the restlessness in Gaza a few weeks ago, since most of her family lives there.

Suha has a Whoopi-Goldbergish smile and she uses it a lot. Watching the long queue to the Israeli checkpoint on her way to work, she told me there’s nothing to do but smile. Her favourite channel is Women’s Entertainment TV, she said on another occasion, and rolled in a TV set in her living room, displaying the ”Fashion Award Finals”.

Oh, and did I mention, she has a car that makes Xzhibit’s rides fade in comparison. The outside of this pimped vehicle is made up of five different colours, and the inside is all covered with soft, furry, Batman-patterned carpet. Plus, she drives it like a madman.

…Ramallah is a cool place. I share an apartment with five Palestinian girls. We talk a lot of politics, feminism, diets, religion and relationships while drinking tee and eating hummus. Tomorrow we will start working with a group of children in a village not far away. Am excited!


2 svar to “Palestinian portrait #1”

  1. Maja said

    ”Soft, furry, Batman-patterned carpet” — tjohej!! Me like.

  2. funderar said

    Ha ha! Me too!


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