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Sex with condoms means no morals

Posted by Pia på onsdag 30 maj 2007

Johanna says that in the year 2055, we might look back 50 years and say ”Can’t believe that in 2005, people had unprotected sex”. Even though that hardly will be the case in general, as long as we want to reproduce, I think it’s an interesting point. Could humans learn to use contraception? I thought people who skipped protection did it because they were lazy or religious (or used religion as an excuse to be lazy), but it all seems to be more complicated.

I have a love-hate-relationship to the webpage of an organisation called Concerned Women for America. Even the name itself is so funny. And they didn’t let me down this time I checked either. Apart from telling me about the Six ways I can help our troops win they are now designating May 2nd as National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day. Fine. They have also found a scientist who can tell with certainty that abstinence is a better way of preventing teen pregnancies than any contraception is.

The scientist’s report says: “Programs that teach primarily contraception as a means of prevention largely ignore teaching values. This divorce of values from sexuality leads to a diminished respect for oneself, human life and sexuality in general. Abstinence programs, on the other hand, have been successful in reducing teen pregnancy and abortion as well as sexual activity and provide an opportunity to discuss value-based sexual activity.”

Hah! Teaching about contraception means ignoring to teach values while abstinence programs launches value-based sex? Seriously. And find me a condom-user for whom the use has lead to a diminishing respect for him/herself and human life, please.



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