Början av 2000-talet

-what the afterworld will be saying about these days

Notes on lunch

Posted by Pia på torsdag 10 maj 2007

If there’s something I really don’t like, it’s eating lunch alone. I think this goes for others as well. I had to do it today, and it was a depressing 15 minutes, and you can ask me anything about today’s paper, I read it well enough to know it by heart. Later, I asked some friends what they thought about eating alone. One said she rather skips lunch altogether, the other one said she rather goes home. Why? In all other ways, I feel like I’m quite an independent person. I don’t mind running around on town alone, watching films or even traveling alone. But don’t make me eat lunch alone in a crowded Finnish lunch restaurant. It’s really depressing.

This last few months I’ve often had the privilege to have some long lunches in good company, and loved it. But I realize that there are times when you have to eat quickly, when lunch is more of a practical need-fulfiller than pure enjoyment. Effective lunch. Is that where we’re going? Maybe in 2055 we will all pop simple lunch pills. Or have some even weirder way of eating. Then we might just say, like Linda suggested: ”I can’t believe that 50 years ago, in 2005, you had to eat yourself, using knives and forks!”



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